Profoto Day with Flavio Bandiera Sardinia Italy

Profoto Day – Italy

In recent years I have greatly reduced my participation in courses or other workshops aimed at fellow photographers, but only because at the same time I am fulfilling the role of president of ANFM, the Italian association of wedding photographers in Italy. I can assure you that this commitment, added to my services and family, leaves me very little time for other activities.

However, for many years now, I have been collaborating with various companies, real technical or software partners, with whom there is a splendid relationship regarding the equipment that I usually use for my work (cameras, lenses, lighting systems, etc. ), so from time to time I am asked to participate as a master. However, when the course is to be held on a beach in Sardinia and the invitation comes from Profoto, you just can’t refuse.

So here are some example shots of the type of light I was looking for obtained thanks to Profoto flashes B10X Plus. Simply perfect!
A big thank you to Profoto and Grange for the perfect collaboration.

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