Love Stories Weddings Flavio Bandiera Photography

A love story always deserves a happy beginning. Welcome to the day you've been waiting for.

I have the privilege of photographing weddings, a unique day in the lives of many people who have the most important feeling in common: love.
I participate in every event as an involved spectator because I am called to photograph with responsibility, but at the same time I try to portray that impalpable, yet strong and magical bond. And when the love between two people is so intense that I can almost see it, I just know that I have to breathe it and interpret it through my cameras.
If scrolling through my images you too feel something special, then I know we will get to know each other soon.

Destination Wedding Photographer

I love the chance to photograph weddings all over the world and I am always more than happy to travel wherever you decide to celebrate your big day.