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Flavio Bandiera - Destination Wedding Photographer based in Italy.

Flavio specializes in Destination Wedding Photography in Italy (Lake Como, Tuscany, Venice, Portofino, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Apulia) and Europe, especially in France. Italian wedding photographer, Flavio, is a master of capturing the love and emotions of a couple’s special day. With a keen eye for detail and a love of travel, Flavio has shot weddings all around the world, capturing the unique beauty and joy of each event. Known for his stunning and timeless images, Flavio’s work is a beautiful blend of artistry and emotion, capturing the essence of the day and preserving it forever. Whether working in a grand ballroom or a serene beachside location, Flavio’s passion for his craft shines through in every photo, making him the perfect choice for capturing your once-in-a-lifetime event.

A declared elegance, a descriptive language in which one can identify himself because it is timeless.

Flavio is a Destination Wedding Photographer and his works have been published on photo magazines, both in Italy and abroad. Wedding photography in all Europe and worldwide.


A sought style, spontaneous and emotional at the same time.

In Flavio’s photos light, shape and colour communicate the inner elegance of all those who trusted him with the task of documenting their most important day.

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“If I should describe my style, I would say it’s “fusion”, as it mixes aesthetic and emotional elements merging together three different photography styles: candid, fashion and classic.”

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