Josh & Charlotte – Wedding

Josh & Charlotte - Wedding in Château Challain

Josh & Charlotte’s was one of the most emotional weddings I have ever photographed.
Imagine organizing the whole party you dream of for over 150 people, but then being forced by the restrictions of not being able to have the guests arrive. What’s now?
Simple, the entire program is confirmed and the two of us can enjoy it. This is what happened to them, like many other couples, but Josh & Charlotte, despite being alone, asked Château Challain to be able to live this dream fully, without changing what was planned.
They therefore treated themselves to a 1-day shooting in Paris in the wonderful Ritz Hotel, another day at the castle to rest with an unforgettable dinner (you can watch it here), and finally the wedding day, the one I’ll tell you about here.
An emotional wedding I said because the love between these 2 people was almost palpable even for me, who was a simple spectator. The preparation and the wedding took place in the rooms of Château Challain, the ceremony in the church next to the castle, the dinner back at the castle with a special welcome, accompanied by butterflies and the after dinner with fireworks and dancing amidst laughter and joy .
Despite everything, even after some time, I think this marriage has truly made its way into my heart.