Jonathan & Harumi – Wedding

Jonathan & Harumi

Jonathan and Harumi are the characters of this intimate and special photo shoot in Paris that, although its elegance, it never steals the bride and the groom scene. This couple live in Tokyo with their son Zachary.

The preparations enchanted us and little Zachary peeps out with his tender participationThe glances, the hugs and the scenes that materialize fast behind our eyes, make us feel not only spectators, but also welcome guests of this intimate celebration of love. Undoubtedly, we manage to feel as a part of the scene and we are aware and proud of being able to give to those not present a warm and participated tasting of the day.

We let ourselves enchanted by the launch of the bouquet, by the small private and spontaneous gestures, by the wedding itself and also by the short but very touching Jewish ceremony. A crescendo of emotions that dance on the touching soundtrack of the film La vie en rose covering the life of the French singer Édith Piaf. The video of this wedding was filmed by Alessandro.

A ceremony that we will hardly forget for its light but also for the chic and romantic atmosphere of the Hôtel Particulier Montmartre, a romantic jewel nestled between the famous Avenue Junot and the Rue Lepic, it is the last vestige of Montmartre.