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Photography workshop in Tirana 2013, Albania

Photography workshop in Tirana with Flavio Bandiera

Amongst the different training meetings I have been honoured to direct in 2013, I’m keeping into my heart the one, organised by EJ Album with the collaboration of Album Epoca, in Tirana, Albania which proved to be a country on the rise, quickly bridging the gap created in the past with the other countries of its area. You can sense this progress, as Tirana is living a period of great economic and social excitement, considering how it is becoming an attraction centre for capital investments and people from everywhere across the globe. Big companies and European multinational corporations are now opening branches in this area of Europe, well aware of the incredible upward trend the country is experiencing. And the Albanian professional photographers are no different from this trend.

My experience here was unmatched, as for the attentions and consideration I received. A huge number of people took part to my course, all of them were colleagues with a strong will to improve and to show to themselves and to the world how wedding photography is here a reality, not just documental but artistic as well.
The event received the attention of institutions and medias too: I was invited by the main TV channels – such as RTSH or Top Channel – for a live interview broadcast in the whole country and by several magazines, some of which just took a picture of me while I was having a drink in a bar.

It is not something that happens daily, indeed, and perhaps I am not used to this, but for the entire time I was in this country, I tried to communicate to the people around me the love I feel towards my job and the passion that I daily transmit in what I’m doing, always trying to see “one step further” regardless to those who think that this job is nothing but improvisation, insignificance and lack of any contents. But luckily this is not what Albania thinks.

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  • From: 5 April 2019
  • To: 5 April 2019
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  • Tirana
  • Albania