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Workshop PPOC Canadian Imaging

Flavio Bandiera at the PPOC Canadian Imaging.

Regardless being the end of April, weather is really chilly here. The rhythm of the workshops is intense and the organisation unremarkable; I’ve been invited to talk about my approach to wedding photography, in a setting where different Canadian professionals are meeting and confronting on different techniques and working methods. I am the only European, and maybe for this reason my different point of view captures my audience, to whom I dedicate a workshop focused on the value of creativity as result of inspiration. I can see from the stage how the room is filled with more than 250 participants, and I know that some more will have to wait for a repeated session of my speech, as requested by the organisers.

The topic is creativity:

the way I chose to present my work is a concoction of anecdotes and images – I selected characteristic places of Italy with great care. The conceptual path I entertain my audience with is based on the construction of a map, both symbolic and real, that allows us to travel across Italy, from north to south. From Art cities to lakeside landscapes, to the sea of Liguria: wedding reportages are a great opportunity to present some of the beautiful places characterising our territory.

The changes depend on a number of factors: from personal curiosity, to sense of emulation, technological development, external influences, and attitude to experiment, all the way to critical self-analysis of one’s work. Amongst all these elements, creativity stands out in its meaning of inspiration: it is actually not just a natural gift, but rather something you develop and stimulate with your own inspiration, which may come from observing arts, from painting to cinema. In addition to the theme of creativity, I focus on photographic techniques and language, providing some useful tips to my audience. Furthermore, a professional photographer must know the ground rules of promotion, through marketing strategies, to address the market using a specific and distinctive identity; this is why I am here dealing with this aspect too.

At the end of the workshop I introduce the public to another appointment for the next day: a practical experience on how to realise a photo-shoot by carefully dealing with illumination and the attitude of your subjects. I will be explaining this indoor, within the hotel hosting us: in order to capture the best light, this Early Riser Workshop will start at 7.30 AM.

Canada left in me an intense memory; I hope the participants may preserve the memory of the suggestion and the charm of all the places and faces I caught during my reportages throughout Italy.

Event Details

  • From: 5 April 2019
  • To: 5 April 2019
  • Starting at: 00:00
  • Finishing at: 00:00