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Workshop AFMI 2012, France


Three days in France, between training and charme

Three days in France, between training and charme
On the occasion of the training event organised by AFMI, I get invited as mentor at Ardon, south of Paris, for three days. Spring has already begun, the weather is nice and we can enjoy those three splendid days at the beginning of April in a context of excellence, surrounded by a golf club. The agenda is crowded, the organisation unremarkable and I can take on with my role of trainer for a public of approximately 70 participants.

We are three masters (Erika Gerdemark, Dominique Cabrelli and I) working with three different groups of photographers. Rotating between the groups, each of us holds his workshop, which in my case has a fixed programme: an introduction in the morning, followed by outdoor shooting and post-production of the pictures taken in the afternoon. During my lessons I am helped by a professional translater and, although the conversation with the participants is not direct, the exchange with them is intense and I am asked many questions on my style and technique.
This context makes me think on how every market has its own dimension, which includes specific problems: these are more than three days of training, it is a chance to see with my own eyes what’s going on on the other side of the Alps. I come back to Italy enriched by the contact with professionals that, like me, combine the passion for reportage to their role as trainer, and by having met a public very attentive and perceptive that could understand some of the wonderful sides of my job.

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  • From: 4 April 2019
  • To: 4 April 2019
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