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Photoshow 2010 – “Empower your Vision” preview

I’d like to leave here in my journal a special thanks to all those who attended, on Sunday 28th March at the Epoca Hall of this year’s Photoshow (in Rome), my talk “Contemporary Wedding Photography”. I hope I could communicate to the large audience some useful advice on new directions in our profession. Thanks to the “Photosì” group for their support and their organising commitment, and to all the colleagues for their props.

As already announced, the meeting was a preview of the main event “Empower Your Vision” that will take place on 6th and 7th November at Palazzo dei Congressi, in Riccione, organised once again by “Photosì”. This meeting will be a chance for meeting a huge number of Italian participants, so that taking part to it will be a new privilege and I will be once again trying to transmit new point of views on our wonderful profession.

Thank you everybody for taking part to this in Rome and see you soon!

Event Details

  • From: 28 March 2010
  • To: 28 March 2010
  • Starting at: 00:00
  • Finishing at: 00:00