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“Obiettivo Matrimonio” in Ercolano, Italy

I am back from the workshop “Obiettivo Matrimonio 2009” I held in Ercolano, Naples. I was welcomed in the typical, wonderful way people living in a place of such contradictions can do, and those who followed me have been able to deepen and metabolise one of the fundamentals of photography: lighting management.

The locations, so astonishing thanks to the rich history and magnificent landscapes typical of the Miglio d’Oro (Golden Mile), running through the town of Ercolano, allowed us to shoot enhancing the wonderful interior features of the eighteenth-century villas. On the other hand the shooting at Creator Vesevo, the permanent exhibition of sculptures made from lava on the slopes of Vesuvio, allowed us to liberate our creativity so to set the subjects outside thanks to beautiful landscapes and relevant artistic creations.

I am deeply thankful to the organisation of Obiettivo Matrimonio 2009 which, keeping their determination intact in the difficult times we are currently experiencing, shows how the desire of growing (and let others grow) is fundamental for every decision, especially in wedding photography. My special thanks go to Pino Coduti and Gianluca Catzeddu, the Masters I shared the course program with, and to Canon, whose support allowed us to work in such a perfect manner (also showing us, in preview, their new jewel EOS 1D Mark IV).

You can find the slideshow of Obiettivo Matrimonio 2009 here. As soon as I’m done with this post, I will be heading to the next appointment: Sposiamo il Digitale 2009, in Riccione. See you there for four intense days in full immersion doing what I love the most: photographing and sharing.

Have some great photography you all.

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  • From: 1 January 2009
  • To: 1 January 2009
  • Starting at: 00:00
  • Finishing at: 00:00