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Lightness in Venice, italy

It’s nice, sometimes, to abandon everyday life, to escape monotony and move away from the monitors on which I spend more time that I’d want to, and let myself go into something new and challenging. Even better if this is set in the wonderful Venice at the beginning of May, free from the usual crowd of tourists.

This time I had the opportunity of doing so by taking part in a workshop organised by the volcanic Yervant – for those who don’t know him, he’s a well-renowned Australian photographer considered a reference in my field because of his photographies, taken all around the world and so… fashion and full of pathos. Why not taking advantage of these four days, together with 20 colleagues coming from 16 countries (from Hong Kong to several states of USA, from South Africa to Sweden, Australia, United Kingdom and so on), perfect for interacting and comparing myself with all these different realities discovering how sometimes, despite the distance, the point of view of us professionals can be incredibly similar! Indeed, an infective playfulness mixed with a sense of comradeship, interest in being enriched by new stimuli, new creative processes and extraordinary skills have characterised these (always too few) days that left their mark on all of us.

I am sure that the insights of such relevant teachers can trascend the mere technique and reach higher level of discussion, where the boundary between photography and philosophy gets quickly thinner but never becomes inconsistent, due to the pragmaticity and concreteness of the Anglo-Saxons – especially at these levels.

Last but not least, the spirit of competition between us and the continuous comparisons of our shots through a merciless criticism was an incentive to the personal growth. I should be a bit flag-waving and say that, nevertheless, Italy made a great impression!

Event Details

  • From: 4 April 2019
  • To: 4 April 2019
  • Starting at: 00:00
  • Finishing at: 00:00