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Enchantment at Fotografia Europa 2010

It’s been a great pleasure to teach my new course as part of the event “Fotografia Europa 2010”. Sometimes, unexpectedly, what may seem just one of the many occasions devoted to photography in Italy proves to be a great laboratory for ideas, unique for size and quality.

A whole city, Reggio Emilia, turned into a Wonderland that as for some magic discovers its artistic and creative spirit by disclosing its most intimate and convivial places to more than a hundred thousand visitors. For a weekend shops and houses, as well as streets and squares, became scenes for pictures and videos of hundreds of artists. The resulting interest shown by a variegated audience, made of attentive experts and simple curious people, was extraordinary, and in this path through emotions, resulting from the illuminated fantasy of the organisers where time and space were deformed to make way to art, I tried to give my contribution as well. In collaboration with CNA Emilia Romagna, I took a group of local professionals with me in this personal imaginary journey, sharing inspirations and ideas on my interpretation of Wedding Photography. It was another great chance of meeting new, nice and well-trained colleagues, with whom I could share the feelings of a whole afternoon immersed in such a charming and enchanting frame.

Theme of Fotografia Europa 2010 is enchantment.

“Enchantment is for us the sense, the direction of a gaze still fascinated but not seduced, an astonished gaze, positive, facing forward and able to see differently and more in what it faces. A gaze that doesn’t get dragged by an excessive nostalgia, which on the other hand doesn’t stop at the analysis and reflection of the present, but questions, in such present, the marks of transformation and change. The unconscious is the topic of several discussions, where we fantasise or project our expectations and desires, but we left any serious reflection on imagination. Photographic image is a powerful medium for this type of reflection, because it gives back more than the experience of its subject, of what it is fixing: it includes the gaze that embraced it, the thought that wanted to give it back or that vanished in that simple remainder of reality. If we forget about the role of documenting, in addition to the symbolic value, every picture preserves something more, something we could define a “metaphorical aspect”


But what would it be a metaphor of? Of what everyone wants and proposes, but first of all, a metaphor of life. That’s why when pictures move us, when they get us closer to what they ask us, we are watching them enchanted. We are interested in how photography can show things in a different way than how we think to see them, their generating stares that become different, or that find out how they have always been without knowing it. It is the presence of such stare and of a mind behind the eyes and the camera. It’s “thinking by images”, it’s the other face of the “optical unconscious”, the propositive strength of sensitivity. Which changes can the Image see and prefigure? Which metaphors can it anticipate? What meaning for life?”

Event Details

  • From: 1 January 2010
  • To: 1 January 2010
  • Starting at: 00:00
  • Finishing at: 00:00


  • Milano
  • Italy