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Aipp Workshop 2013 – Australia

The workshop I held at Hobart, in the Australian region of Tasmania, was more than an out-of-town trip: I could there get in touch with so many colleagues living in the other side of the world. After more than a whole day of travel (and coming straight from a marriage in France) I received a wonderful welcome, and I could quickly get in the Australian “mood” thanks to the splendid organising skills of AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photograpy): they invited me as a mentor to the “AIPP Event”, the yearly event dedicated to professional photography.

As for the previous years, the event programme included several talks of Australian and American professionals (amongst which great names as Abraham Joffe, Jennifer B. Hudson, Annie Zanazanian, etc.) analysing different areas of photography, from naturalistic to reportage, art photography, sport… And for the first time as an “exception” an European photographer, myself. While giving my talk in the impressive Room 1 of the awesome Grand Chancellor, overlooking Hobart Harbour and the “Constitution Dock”, I could sense a great curiosity coming from the audience: I explained my relationship with wedding photography and gave a few observations and tips already discussed in previous events, trying to communicate and transmit the italian point of view on what I consider one of the most captivating jobs of the world.

The following day I held a practical course with shooting and post-production of the pictures with a small group of photographers, with whom I had an intense exchange of information and experience that confirmed my first impression: these Aussies are really good, they know photography very well (also because they have first-class institutes) and are aware of helding a top tier place in the world scene.
My experience has surely been tiring, but so exciting (Paris – Hobart – Rome in 5 days is no joke) and amongst the many feedbacks I received, there is one I would like to share with you.
But first, let me thank all those who followed me and went with me through all this unforgettable adventure.

“…for me the stand out presentation came from an unexpected quarter. An Italian wedding photographer, Flavio Bandiera has studios in Rome, Milan and Turin, his credentials cover the major photography Institutes and Associations and his speaking engagements are myriad. His images were contemporary and well designed and thought out; BUT it was the language he used to describe and illustrate his images. Bandiera’s command of language in describing the various aspects of creating imagery was akin to a lecture from the best of photography’s leading academics. Despite apologising for English being his second language, his list of terms was the best I have ever heard in the description of what we do as image makers. It is hoped that the AIPP includes his presentation among the video of demand list; as it will rival the best photographic lecturers in this country.
Ian Poole

Event Details

  • From: 18 June 2015
  • To: 18 June 2015
  • Starting at: 08:30
  • Finishing at: 19:00


  • Hobart
  • Australia