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Flavio Bandiera Wedding Photographer Italy
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“I take pictures for magazines and weddings all over the world, I portray couples and families, I create corporate imagines for companies and I hold photography workshop on different countries. My photos creatively document events that blend emotion and refinement, fashion style and elegance”

Flavio Bandiera Wedding Photographers

"Flavio Bandiera, one of the finest exponents of the art of wedding photography in the world"

Flavio Bandiera Wedding Photographers



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Flavio Bandiera is an award-winning Wedding Photographer in Italy and around the world. Based in Turin Flavio Bandiera is recognised both nationally and internationally for his wedding photography, photojournalism, and creative fashion work.

Fashion and Portrait Photographer Flavio Bandiera.

His photos have been published in many renowned magazines, including Vogue Sposa, and have attracted acclaim from both the public and industry alike. In recent years he has devoted himself passionately to the documentary and artistic value of his shots.

Flavio is the founder of the exclusive Best of Wedding Photography association that includes the best wedding photographers in the world and ANFM, the first National Association of Wedding Photographers in Italy.

Every year he starts his famous photo workshops and his professional photography courses around the world.

Creative Photography. Fine Art Photographer.