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22 Aug 2017
best of wedding photography

Founder of Best of wedding photography

Founder of Best of wedding photography.

22 Jun 2015
international society of professional wedding photographers

Proud Member of ISPWP

Quite simply, the best wedding photographers in the world The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers is a rarity among online wedding photography directories. We’re small. We’re exclusive. We’re picky. We are a worldwide group of top professional wedding photographers who have the experience, talent, and reputation to deliver outstanding wedding photography to our clients. When you hire an ISPWP photographer, you are hiring with confidence because every member has met our high standards for membership.

21 Jun 2015
qualified member of society of wedding and portrait photographers

Proud Member of SWPP

Proud Member of SWPP, the Fastest Growing Worldwide Association for Serious Photographers Association for Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographers. “We are dedicated to providing quality training and mentoring to all that ask and want to progress in Professional Photography without prejudice or discrimination”.   Competition Oct 2013, Gold Award:   Competition Jan 2009, Gold Award: 

23 Jun 2015
associazione nazionale fotografi matrimonio

Founder Associazione Nazionale Fotografi di Matrimonio

Founder Associazione Nazionale Fotografi di Matrimonio.

20 Jun 2015
14 Jun 2015
qualified european photographer

QEP Wedding Award

QEP Wedding Award Flavio Bandiera has gained the QEP Wedding Award in 2009. If you desire to discover more about the QEP membership, you can visit this link. A Europe-wide qualification in professional excellence The Qualified European Photographer (QEP) qualification aims to recognise and reward excellence in European Professional Photographers.  It is designed to complement national awards systems and has created a Europe-wide network of more than 400 certified experts who share a passion and talent for professional photography. Members Benefit: […]

19 Jun 2015
fearless photographers



18 Jun 2015
16 Jun 2015
associazione nazionale fotografi professionisti

Proud Member of TAU VISUAL

Proud Member of TAU VISUAL.

15 Jun 2015