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Flavio Bandiera Best Wedding Photographers. Workshop Photography.

Flavio Bandiera was born in Italy and his life is permeated with photography since the youngest age, being his father Stefano a well-known advertising and landscape photographer.

Art lover, fond of literature and music, Flavio begins his career as an assistant photographer working in several fields as portrait, still life, and advertising photography. His first experience with wedding photography, in the ’90s, was almost accidental and marked the beginning of a great passion: while looking for a perspective that could be more real and immediate than the most fashionable and popular point of view he discovered in this field the perfect mixture of a formal rigour and a stylistic spontaneity.

In the following years Flavio devoted himself to wedding photography with great passion, believing in the value of his pictures as both pieces of art and documents and choosing this as his path. A declared elegance, a descriptive language rich in details and slightly intimist, in which one can identify himself because it is timeless. Inspirations merge with minimalistic and conceptual cues, bonding the spirit of those who deprecate vulgarity and exhibitionism.

His pictures allow no simplification: on the opposite, Flavio Bandiera has a sought style, almost intransigent, spontaneous and emotional at the same time, in which light, shape and colour communicate the inner elegance of all those who trusted him with the task of documenting their most important day. “After years of researching and experimenting, I think I found a dimension properly describing myself. Should I describe my style I would say it’s “fusion”, as it mixes aesthetic and emotional elements merging together three different photographic styles: candid, fashion, and classic.

Flavio is the founder of the exclusive Best of Wedding Photography, including the best wedding photographers in the world, and of ANFM, the first national association of wedding photographers of Italy. He is member of the most illustrious international associations of wedding photographers as SWPP, WPPI, ISPWP, WPS, Fearless Photographers, and became, in 2010, national responsible for the italian professionals operationg in the field of weddings within FIOF (Fondo Internazionale di Orvieto Fotografia, International Fund of Orvieto photography).

His contribution to the world of wedding photography earned him several prestigious awards. Amongst the most recents, the Honorable Mention 2008 and 2009 issued by Tau Visual, QIP Wedding 2008 and Photographer of the Year 2009 by FIOF, QEP Wedding 2009 by FEP, Gold award 2008, 2009, 2010 SWPP. Since 2012 he is “AE Ambassador for Album Epoca while Canon elected him “Explorer of Light“, essential part of the Canon Ambassadors Programme as European testimonial. He is currently a photographer of weddings, holds conferences and workshops photography around the world and collaborates with the most important magazines in the industry, both in Italy and abroad.

"I am constantly travelling around the world, taking pictures of weddings and events for all those people desiring to preserve memories of exciting celebrations: I serve them with my photo reportages that blends spontaneity and refinement, and bring back to memory the delight and joy of such unique moments.”

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Flavio Bandiera: one of the best wedding photographers in the world. Award-winning photographer. He holds workshop photography in Italy and worldwide.